Mechanical Engineering

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning of commercial, industrial and residential blocks and high end luxury houses is the core of our business with over 20 years of experience.  Mechanical Engineering is on most projects the defining service when it comes to cost, spacial planning, coordination and construction programming.  We pride ourselves with a successful record of historic projects mainly due to the personal involvement at director level on each project. Services include:

– Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

– Vertical transportation

– LPG gas installations

– SANS 10400 XA energy compliance

– Energy audits

Fire Engineering

Fire related services and regulatory compliance at early planning stages has fast become critical to projects over the last decade.  We have built up a wealth of experience in this field with intimate knowledge and personal contact with local Fire Departments in order to anticipate the regulatory interpretations between regions.  In association we have combined experience of over 25 years in this field which proves invaluable to clients on every project.  Our value engineered solutions provide cost effective outcomes where both life safety and property protection is optimally achieved.   

Wet Services Engineering

Every property has to have a sound water supply and foul drainage system to effectively serve tenants and not be a long term maintenance nightmare for landlords.  Intricate detail not correctly applied and which will at first ‘work’ will over time create ‘time bombs’ with catastrophic water damage and subsequent loss of income common on projects where adequate engineering and supervision of installation work was not done.  We provide a full or design and supply oversight service to cover this.  The provision of hot water in compliance with SANS 10400 XA is also a specialist service where we can recommend and design life cycle efficient systems to clients.  The provision of fire fighting water services is also covered under this discipline. 

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About our company

BSB Consulting Engineers was formed in February 2018 when Braam Strauss took the initiative to explore a potential gap in the building services market.  Where others might define them simply as mechanical engineers getting involved in any project with mechanical engineering input from shipping to mining, his time in the United Kingdom as a building services engineer was telling in understanding this market to be a specialist market.  The many elements around mechanical building services is enough to make a career from and too much to invest time outside this market.  The company name therefore stems from Braam Strauss Building services and our aim is to focus in this field and be good at it.

BSB Consulting Engineers does not have ambitions to be become a multi national behemoth or to try and dominate the local market in the next ten years.  Our aim is to stay a relative niche company that can provide enough depth of resources to reduce our client’s risk and provide a specialist service with senior partners directly involved on every project in order to transfer the many years of experience to every project.

We do not believe in following the main stream narrative, but rather to be flexible with recent advances in technology and focusing on project deliverables, deadlines, outcomes and to be available to our clients just about around the clock.

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